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Escaping the Pitfalls of Annual Fundraising - There is a better way!

Tom MacAdam, Senior Consultant
Evangeline Pattison, Consultant

Are your organization’s fundraising results dependent on a series of events and mass appeals throughout the year - creating donor, staff, and volunteer fatigue? Are your field staff chronically under-funded, without a sustainable plan for raising support? There is a better way! Learn a more strategic and relational approach to raising the funds that are critical to fulfilling your mission.

For Board Members Only! -- Essentials of A Successful Fundraising Program

Ted Rodgers, Executive Consultant
Jay Barber, Executive Consultant
Join Jay Barber, Senior Consultant, Murdock Fellow & President Emeritus of Warner-Pacific University, and Ted Rodgers, Executive Consultant, to gain the insights you need as a board member to understand, guide and help lead your ministry's fundraising program.

Topics will include: The importance of the case for support; strategy distinctive of annual fund and campaigns; the leadership of the CEO/President; the role of the Chief Development Officer; and, the important ways you as a board member can contribute to the fundraising success of your ministry.

How to Cultivate Donors in a Virtual World

Ame Eldredge, Senior Consultant
Chad Borgestad, Consultant

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all nonprofits, including how they develop and nurture relationships with their key supporters. What do you do when you can’t invite a donor to visit for an event or a tour? When you can’t meet with them in person? The key is still relationships, and we’ll consider several approaches and lots of ideas for being relational when being together in person is not possible.

How to Convert New Donors to Major Donors

Tom MacAdam, Senior Consultant
Brian Robinson, Research Analyst

Every year, your database grows with the addition of new donors and prospects. Some of those first-time donors have the potential to become significant financial partners to your organization! Learn some great techniques to understand their giving potential, and strategies for cultivating relationships with new donors in a way that transforms them into significant supporters of your mission.

A Time-tested Approach to Major Donor Cultivation

Zach Gurick, Senior Consultant
Askala Harris, Consultant
Far too often, fundraising is done in a transactional way rather than in a relational way. This, unsurprisingly, can be unpleasant for both the asker and the donor! There is a better way. In this session, learn how to cultivate relationships and engage your donors as partners in your mission. We’ve all felt that moment of anxiety when the time comes to shift the conversation from making small talk, to talking about a major gift. In this seminar, we’ll look at practical tips and best practices to take some of the anxiety out of “the Ask.” This session will have live Q&A on the day of the event.

Seeking Grant Support Post-COVID

John Franklin, Program Director
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
The process of requesting a grant from a foundation can be complicated, and COVID-19 made it even more challenging. As always, preparation and careful execution are both crucial to your success. This session, led by an experienced grant-maker, will offer key strategies and tips, common mistakes made during the application process, proposal writing hints, and how to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with foundation staff.

A Nimble Strategic Plan: Your Keys to Success

Dr. Scott Rodin, Chief Strategy
Officer at The FOCUS Group
Like many organizations, your strategic plan may have been challenged by the events of 2020. And looking ahead, you recognize that your plan really needs to be flexible and nimble enough to tolerate a continued state of extra uncertainty. This session will share some approaches to ensure your strategic plan stays relevant and can adapt to whatever comes in the year ahead. This session will have live Q&A on the day of the event.



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