Symposium Schedule

Wednesday, January 4

5:00pm Happy Hour Rhum Bar

Newcomer’s Reception


Opening Dinner & Main Stage Speaker: David Kinnaman 

Blue Heron

Thursday, January 5

8:00 Check in / Coffee / Networking Blue Heron
8:15 Jason Gray
8:30 Main Stage Presenter: Beth Moore
9:00 Table Discussion
9:30 Break
9:45 Affinity Group Discussion Blue Heron
10:45 Break
11:00 Main Stage Presenter: Mandy Arioto
11:45 Table Discussion
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Breakout Sessions
1: Developing a Compelling Vision with Your Leader Coquina I
2: The Power of a Strategic Thinking Culture to Transform Your Organization Blue Heron
3: Embracing the Donor Sandpiper
4: Core Strategy: Narrowing Focus for Broader Impact Osprey
2:30 Free Time
5:30 Happy Hour and Dinner Please see your name tag for venue and address

Friday, January 6

6:30am 5K Run Beach Access North of Hotel
8:00am Announcements Blue Heron
8:45am Jason Gray
9:00 Main Stage Presenter: Josh Newell Blue Heron
9:45 Affinity Group Discussion
10:30 Break
10:45 Breakout Sessions
1: Elevating your Fundraising Strategies Osprey
2: Maximizing your Impact as a Major Gift Officer Sandpiper
3: The Roles of the Senior Leader and the Board in a Succesful Campaign Blue Heron
11:30 Break
11:40 Main Stage Presenter: Brad Layland Blue Heron
12:20 Closing Remarks
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Praxis Sessions
1: Life Between Campaigns Coquina I
2: Understanding the Mindset of Major Donors Blue Heron
3: Securing Non-Cash Gifts Osprey
4: Integrating Annual Fund and Campaign Asks Blue Heron
2:00 Adjourn

Main Stage Presenters

Beth Moore

Best-selling book and Bible study author Beth Moore is a dynamic teacher whose conferences take her across the globe. She is a dedicated wife, and mother of two adult daughters and three delightful grandchildren. Beth lives in Houston, Texas, where she leads Living Proof Ministries with the purpose of encouraging and teaching women to know and love Jesus through the study of Scripture.

David Kinnaman

David Kinnaman is the author of the bestselling books Faith For Exiles, Good Faith, You Lost Me and unChristian. He is CEO of Barna Group, a leading research and communications company that works with churches, nonprofits, and businesses ranging from film studios to financial services. Since 1995, David has directed interviews with more than two million individuals and overseen thousands of U.S. and global research studies. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas and has three children.

Mandy Arioto

Mandy Arioto is the President and CEO of MOPS International and is widely known for her unique takes on parenting, relationships, spiritual and cultural issues. Through MOPS, which influences millions of moms through thousands of groups internationally, Mandy serves as the voice of one of the most influential parenting organizations in the U.S. and around the world. She regularly speaks to national and international audiences. She and her husband, Joe, live in Denver, Colorado where they love rock climbing and adventuring with their three kids. Mandy’s newest book, Have More Fun: How to Be Remarkable, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Start Enjoying Life, is available wherever books are sold.

Josh Newell

Josh Newell brings a range of experience to the role of Executive Director of Jesus Film Project. Shortly after graduating from Indiana University, he and his wife, Holly, joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ as part of the first JESUS film short-term recording team. Through that experience, they developed a heart for the Muslim world, and worked with Bible translation partners in the Middle East to translate new versions of the JESUS film.
After moving their family to serve in the North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia area, Josh began to lead the Global Church Movements (GCM) for Campus Crusade. Simultaneously, Josh helped to launch two leadership teams to more effectively serve the 30 countries in the area, then served as director of Leadership Development for North Africa and the Middle East.
In 2013 Josh received his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, and joined Jesus Film Project as director of Marketing Communications and U.S. Strategy. He and Holly have four children.

Brad Layland

Brad Layland, CEO, first learned the principles and practices of Taking Donors Seriously as a college student in 1993, while seeking to raise personal support as a part-time staff member for Young Life. Over the course of 20 years at Young Life, he developed his passion for and expertise in relational fundraising, to the point where he was asked to train other area directors around the country, and eventually became the Chief Development Officer for the entire organization.
Brad’s expertise providing high level fundraising counsel to nonprofit organizations incorporates major donor strategies, training workshops, planned gift marketing, and capital campaign counsel. In recent years he has led capital campaigns for Intervarsity Christian Fellowship ($81 million), Union Rescue Mission ($83 million), The Bowery Mission ($27 million) and Veritas School ($5.3 million). He serves on the board of the Society for Classical Learning.
Brad received his B.A. in Communications from the University of Florida and his M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Wendy reside in St. Augustine, Florida and have four children. Brad enjoys running marathons, skiing, investing in real estate, entrepreneurship, and traveling with his family. Over the past 20 years, he has completed 50 marathons and recently completed his second Ironman Triathlon.

Friday Breakout Sessions


Tom MacAdam, Senior Consultant, The FOCUS Group
Tracy Prall, Consultant, The FOCUS Group

Do you feel like your fundraising efforts are going well, but sense that you could be doing things more effectively, efficiently, or collaboratively in your organization? Many organizations have successfully implemented fundraising programs and plans, but struggle with limitations due to capacity, focus, prioritization, urgency, support, and strategy that may hold them back in reaching their goals. This session will provide an interactive discussion of some common pitfalls, challenges, limitations… and solutions –that we have seen in over 40 years of helping others achieve their fundraising goals. 

This is a session for development leaders and executives who may already have a solid development program and are looking to strengthen their fundraising efforts and strategies while eliminating obstacles to growth. 

The goal of this session is for attendees to identify 3-5 opportunities for improvement of their development efforts that they can pursue in 2024 to make the most of their fundraising efforts for the advancement of their missions. 

Maximizing your Impact as a Major Gift Officer

Kim Collins, Director of Major Gifts & Campaign, The Bowery Mission
Stacey Hess, Major Gift Officer, The Bowery Mission
Matt Dishman, Development Officer of Major Gifts, The Bowery Mission
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Dr. Scott Rodin, Senior Consultant & Chief Strategy Officer, The FOCUS Group
Ted Rodgers, Executive Consultant & Chief Consulting Officer, The FOCUS Group
Dr. Jay Barber, Executive Consultant, The FOCUS Group
Dr. Calvin Troup, President, Geneva College

Fundraising is not typically the “Number One” job of the President or board members. However, during a campaign, it will be the number one priority for both the President/ CEO, the Board Chair, and members of the Board. Our speakers will share their unique insights and counsel on the challenges CEOs and Board chairs face during a campaign. 

Topics to be addressed by the panel include: 

  • Who articulates the Vision and Mission for the Campaign? 
  • How important is it that the organization has an up-to-date Strategic Plan? 
  • How much time should the President/CEO as well as key Board members allocate from their normal schedules? 
  • Who should develop the plan to involve members of the Board as possible advocates, facilitators, or askers in the campaign? 
  • What are the typical budgetary impacts of a campaign? 

The session will be an interactive dialogue with ample opportunity for Q&A and will be helpful for Presidents/CEOs, Board members, and chief fundraising officers. 



Chad Borgestad, Consultant, The FOCUS Group
Jason Smith, Consultant, The FOCUS Group

When a capital campaign is completed, a few things happen: the project may begin construction, final gifts come in, thank you notes are sent, and we always want to make sure to celebrate. But it’s also the time for leaders and staff to double down on investing in relationships – to remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

Life “between” campaigns or simply “after” a campaign is a fantastic time to invest in key relationships. It’s a time to continue and grow deeper with those who were your lead donors; it’s the time to continue with a solid, well thought-through communication strategy to your entire donor constituency; and it’s a chance to cultivate relationships with the next generation of givers to your organization. 

Join us as we fine tune the principles and framework behind fundraising in a capital campaign and remember the value, even when we are not in a campaign. 


Ralph Veerman, Senior Consultant, The FOCUS Group
Jodi Thorp, Consultant, The FOCUS Group

This session will provide insights into how major donors – people with wealth - think about money and what motivates them to give. When you think about mindsets, many development directors don’t fully grasp the unique and diverse range of personalities and worldviews. CEOs or major gift officers will gain greater appreciation and wisdom for major donors as they build genuine friendships over time. 

Participants will gain: 

  • Insights into how people of wealth think about money. 
  • A new appreciation for the rich diversity of motivations of major donors. 
  • Understanding of the joys and challenges of being a major donor and practical wisdom on how to develop genuine friendships over time. 

This session is for CEOs, development professionals and campaign managers with limited experience in major donor fundraising. 


Ted Rodgers, Executive Consultant & Chief Consulting Officer, The FOCUS Group
Jim Eney, Consultant, The FOCUS Group
Non-cash assets often represent up to 90% of a donor’s wealth (read: gift potential). In this hands-on praxis workshop, you will gain insight into how to engage your donors to secure these gifts, strategies to recommend for the most common gifts and how to “make the ask”. 


Zach Gurick, Senior Consultant, The FOCUS Group
A campaign is overlaid on top of all the annual and ongoing needs of any organization. Therefore, navigating a campaign while maintaining ongoing annual funding can be challenging for fundraising professionals. How do we ask for major, campaign-related gifts while maintaining the funding for annual needs at the same time? There is hope! In this session we will cover best practices for how to ask for both campaign-related gifts and annual gifts at the same time. It might make your work easier than you originally thought! 

Meet Our Speakers